RGA Media Services | Session Pricing

Real Estate Listings:

Small Home Special - $75

This package is designed for the real estate agent with a small home listing that is 1400 sq. ft., or less.  We will provide a maximum of 12 fully edited images for your marketing campaign that will highlight all the basic features of your listing.  Expected turn-around-time is 24-48 hours.

Full Home Package - $125

A package designed for listings up to 4 bedrooms (1400 to 3200 sq. ft.).  We provide fully edited images necessary to satisfy your listing requirements.  There is no reasonable limit to the number of images; however, a typical listing of this size consists of 24 to 36 images.  Expected turn-around-time is 24-48 hours.

The Mini-Estate - $175

For homes with 5 or 6 bedrooms (3300 to 5000 sq. ft.), this package covers all the property’s unique features in detail.  The larger the home, more time and effort is required to properly display all of the home’s features.  Listings of this size usually consists of 36 to 48 images.  Expected turn-around-time is 24-48 hours.

The Million Dollar Listing - $225

Whether you have a listing on Lake Norman, or an equestrian estate in Kannapolis, RGA Media will provide you with all the images you need to fully express the home’s beauty and uniqueness.  We will include any outbuildings (barns, guest houses), or any feature that elevates the listing’s value.  Listing of this size typically consists of 48 to 60 images.  Expected turn-around-time is 24-48 hours.


Additional Options:

Twilight Images - $75

Exterior images are taken immediately following sunset during the magical “blue hour” of light. This light displays the home at its most majestic time of the day.  This package however, is highly dependent on the weather. Overcast or rainy conditions will not produce the desired effect, so timing of the shoot is critical.  There are no additional charges if the shoot needs to be rescheduled due to poor weather conditions.   

Aerial Drone Imaging – TBA

Drone footage is in high demand from the real estate industry.  Finally, the FAA has finalized their requirements to fly a drone commercially, but it will take a little time to acquire the proper permits, equipment, and training needed to properly fly and capture images from a drone.  Stay tuned for additional information.